Agadir Holidays

Agadir is one of the most visited cities in Morocco. It is situated on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean and near the foot of the Atlas Mountain. The city boasts beautifully maintained beaches, and one can soak up the sun year round. Agadir has lovely palm-lined boulevards, beachfront bars and restaurants and has a very distinct and decisive Western feel to it. This is also amplified by the ever growing number of European tourists, who flock there during the winter months. Agadir, is all about relaxation. You can rent a beach buggy, ride a camel or go to the Suq al-Had open market and try to get a bargain. If you want to take break from the beach and history is what you are interested in, you can take a 20 minute walk to the ruins of Kasbah. Don’t forget to take your camera, because from there you can get an incredible view of Agadir.

Le Medina is a handicrafts area in a district quite close to Agadir’s city centre. It was built using methods of the traditional Berber construction. Le Medina is an open-air museum spread over 5 hectares and houses artisan workshops, exotic garden, museum and individual residences. It is a must see for first time visitor in Agadir.

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