Rhodes Holidays and Greece Holidays

Rhodes is one of the most fascinating and beautiful islands among the Greek Islands. Rhodes Town has a breath-taking coastline, a captivating medieval city and pretty, traditional villages. With its rich history and having been influenced by various cultures, Rhodes was transformed into diverse and popular destination for visitors of all ages. Rhodes town which was built within the fortress of the old city has been included in the Monuments of International Heritage by UNESCO. The colourful village of Lindos prevails the wonderful Acropolis which soars above it and it presents one of the sensational views in Greece.

Rhodes is officially named the sunniest place in Europe and it encompasses all the natural beauty and magnetism of a Greek island. Charming beaches, inspiring sceneries, surrounded by turquoise sea, engaging history and immensely diverse life, makes Rhodes the most favoured island among the Greek islands. One can choose between the fascinating resort of Rhodes Town with its medieval history and sightseeing tours, or go to resorts like Ixia, with its beautiful beaches and bustling nightlife.

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